Ebenezer Farrand

Naval Commodore who commanded Confederate Naval Forces in the State of Alabama

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Reference: Alabama Department of Archives & History. Custodian of the original pictures. Confederate Officers photo album.  http://www.archives.alabama.gov/conoffalb/index.html

Entered U.S. Navy - March 4, 1823
Passed to Midshipman - March 23, 1829
Commanding schooner Ariel September 1831
Advanced to Commander - March 9, 1834 (Age 31)
Commanding sloop Falmouth September 1851
Resigned as Commander - January 1861 while commanding Warrenton Naval Yard in Pensacola Florida (Age 58)
Enlisted in Confederate Navy in Florida - January 1861 Commander Farrand was a staunch believer and supporter of the Confederate cause.

Commander Farrand was among the forces that ordered the surrender of Fort Barrancan and Mc Ree and the Yard at Pensacola, Florida. The ordnance stored was valued at $156,000.

January 15, 1861 he received orders at Pensacola, Florida, from the War Department which stated "We have decided that it is our duty to hold our position until such a force is brought against us as to render it impossible to defend it or until the political condition of the country is such as to include us to surrender the public property in our keeping to such authorities as may be delegated legally to receive it."

Made Chief of Light House Bureau in on April 18, 1861, replaced Raphael Semmes who was sent to Command the CSS Sumpter. Commander Farrand requested that all superintendents of lights remove all lenses, fixtures and machinery along with the oil and place it in safe area and forward the estimate of removal to the Bureau.

Ordered to Special services in construction of vessels in Savannah in 1862

Commanded naval defenses at Drewry's Bluff 1862 (He supervised the defenses of the fort by ordering numerous ships to be sunk as obstructions in the river beneath the bluff. He installed six additional large guns in pits just up river from the fort. Men worked around the clock to ensure a full state of readiness when the Union fleet arrived.

Confederate Congress passed a resolution expressing thanks to Commander Farrand, CSN, Senior office in command of the combined naval and military forces at Drewry's Bluff on May 15, "for the great and single victory achieved over the naval forces of the United States in the engagement. Farrand was also praised for his gallantry and courage".

Commander Farrand was ordered to Selma Naval Foundry 1862-1863.

Flag Officer Ebenezer Farrand took over command of all ships in the Battle Mobile Bay after Admiral Buchanan was wounded.

Flag Office Farrand Surrendered forces of CS Navy near the City of Mobile May 8, 1865

Flag Officer Farrand was paroled at Nanna Nubba Blugg, Alabama, May 10, 1865. (Age 62)

When the war ended Ebenezer became an insurance representative in Montgomery, Alabama. He also operated a railroad hotel in Attalla.

Flag Officer Ebenezer Farrand died in 1873 at the (Age of 70) and was buried in the old cemetery of Attalla, Alabama