Ellison Capers

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Ellison Capers was born in Charleston, South Carolina, October 14, 1837. He was graduated from the South Carolina Military Academy in 1857 and became a teacher. In 1861 he was elected major of a regiment of South Carolina volunteers, which took part in the bombardment of Fort Sumter in April. After helping to recruit a regiment for the war, the 24th South Carolina Infantry, of which he was elected lieutenant colonel, Capers served in North and South Carolina, under General Bragg at Chickamauga, and in the Chattanooga campaign. In the course of the Atlanta campaign he was promoted colonel, and after the death of General S. R. Gist at Franklin, succeeded to brigade command, being formally appointed to rank from March 1, 1865. After the war General Capers entered the Episcopal ministry, in which he had a long and distinguished career.  He became assistant bishop of South Carolina in 1893 and bishop in 1894. For a number of years before his death, which occurred in Columbia, April 22, 1908, he served as chaplain general of the United Confederate Veterans. He contributed the South Carolina volume to Confederate Military History. General Capers is buried in Trinity Churchyard, Columbia, under a monument bearing the following inscription: "He rendered unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's."

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