Felix Huston Robertson

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Felix Huston Robertson was the last survivor of the general officers of the Confederacy, and the only native Texan to achieve a wreath around his stars. He was born at Washington, Texas, on March 9, 1839, the son of General Jerome B. Robertson. He attended Baylor University when the school was located at Independence, Texas. He was appointed to West Point in 1857, but resigned on January 29, 1861 to offer his services to the new Confederacy. Commissioned 2nd lieutenant of artillery on March 9, 1861, he took part in the reduction of Sumter; then served at Pensacola on the staff of General Gladden; and, at Shiloh, commanded a battery with the rank of captain. He distinguished himself at Murfreesboro; he was there promoted major, and led a battalion in Longstreet's corps at Chickamauga. In January 1864 he was again promoted (to lieutenant colonel), and placed in command of the artillery of Wheeler's cavalry corps, with which he served during the Atlanta campaign. Promoted brigadier general on July 26, 1864, he served for a time as Wheeler's chief of staff; he then led a brigade, and later a division of cavalry, until he was severely wounded at Buckhead Creek near Augusta, Georgia, on November 29, 1864. He saw no further active service, but in April 1865 was sent by General Howell Cobb to treat for the surrender of the city of Macon with his old West Point associate, Major General James H. Wilson, U.S.V. For reasons not made apparent in the records the Confederate Senate consistently refused to confirm General Robertson at any grade from major to brigadier. His nomination to the last-named rank was rejected on February 22, 1865. After the war he returned to Texas, ultimately settling in Waco, and studying law. At the time of his death there, April 20, 1928, he had been for many years dean of the local bar. He is buried in Waco.

Ref: Generals in Gray, Lives of the Confederate Commanders by Ezra J. Warner.  Printed by Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London.

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