George Burgwyn Anderson

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George Burgwyn Anderson was born near Hillsboro, North Carolina, on April 12, 1831. After attending the University of North Carolina, he entered the U. S. Military Academy from which he was graduated in 1852 as a brevet 2nd lieutenant, 2nd Dragoons. Anderson's old army service was entirely on the frontier in the mounted arm. He had advanced to the rank of 1st lieutenant when he resigned his commission, April 25, 1861, to cast his lot with the Confederacy. Immediately commissioned colonel of the 4th North Carolina, he took his regiment to Manassas Junction shortly after the first battle at that place. Here he remained as post commandant until March 1862. Anderson was a furious fighter. His personal bravery at Williamsburg impelled President Davis to appoint him brigadier general to rank from June 9. His brigade was conspicuous during the Seven Days, and Anderson sustained a wound while leading a charge at Malvern Hill. Anderson was under the command of D. H. Hill at South Mountain, and went into his last fight three days later at Sharpsburg on September 17, where, holding a part of the line almost unsupported, he received a ball in his foot. First transported to Shepherdstown and then to Staunton, Virginia, he was subsequently taken to Raleigh, where his foot was amputated. He failed to rally from the operation, and died on October 16, 1862. He is buried in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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