George Pierce Doles

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George Pierce Doles was born at Milledgeville, Georgia, May 14, 1830. He was educated in his home town and engaged in business there before the war. In 1861 he was captain of a militia company called the "Baldwin Blues." The company entered Confederate service as part of the 4th Georgia Infantry and was stationed near Norfolk during the first year of the war. Elected colonel of the regiment in May 1862, and joining the Army of Northern Virginia after the Seven Days battles, Doles was conspicuous at South Mountain and Sharpsburg, and was promoted brigadier on November 1, 1862. Continuing his gallant service at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania, he came to be esteemed one of the best brigadiers in the army. On June 2, 1864, near Bethesda Church, while supervising the entrenchment of his line, General Doles was instantly killed by the bullet of a Federal sharpshooter. His death was a prime example of the attrition at command level which overtook Lee's army during the fateful days of 1864, and which ultimately resulted in an impoverishment of officers qualified for their positions. He is buried in Milledgeville.    

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