Hamilton Prioleau Bee

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Hamilton Prioleau Bee, Barnard Elliott Bee's older brother, was also born in Charleston, July 22, 1822, and removed to Texas with his parents when a youth. He was secretary of the commission for establishing the boundary between the United States and the Republic of Texas in 1839, and secretary of the Texas senate in 1846. After service in the Mexican War as a 2nd lieutenant of Texas Rangers, he was a member of the Texas legislature, and speaker of the house for one term. Elected brigadier general of militia in 1861, Bee was appointed brigadier general in the Confederate Army to rank from March 4, 1862. He was placed in command at Brownsville, Texas, where he expedited the importation of munitions from Europe through Mexico and the exportation of cotton as payment. He had acquired little military experience in his administrative post, and his handling of troops, when he took the field against Banks in the Red River campaign of 1864, was the subject of some criticism. In February 1865 he was assigned to command a division of cavalry under General John A. Wharton, and was later given a brigade of infantry in General S. B. Maxey's division. At the close of the war he went to Mexico for a time, returning to San Antonio in 1876, where he lived until his death, October 3, 1897, and where he is buried in Confederate Cemetery.

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