Henry Gray

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Henry Gray was born in Laurens District, South Carolina, January 19, 1816, and was graduated from South Carolina College (now the University of South Carolina) in 1834. Admitted to the bar, he shortly settled in Mississippi, where he was for some years district attorney of Winston County. After serving a term in the legislature, he ran unsuccessfully for Congress on the Whig ticket. He moved to Louisiana in 1851, and was a Buchanan Elector in 1856. While a member of the Louisiana legislature in 1860, he was defeated for a seat in the United States Senate by but one vote; his opponent was Judah P. Benjamin. Upon the secession of Mississippi, Gray enlisted as a private in a regiment from that state; however, President Davis recalled him from this duty, and he was elected colonel of the 28th Louisiana Infantry, which he had organized at Davis' request. Gray led his regiment at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill during the Red River campaign, and was at times in brigade command. He was promoted brigadier general, March 17, 1865, while he was representing North Louisiana in the Confederate Congress, an office to which he had been elected in his absence and without his knowledge. After serving a post-bellum term in the Louisiana state senate, General Gray retired from public life, thereafter remaining in virtual seclusion until his death at Coushatta, Louisiana, December 11, 1892. He is buried there in Springville Cemetery.

Ref: Generals in Gray, Lives of the Confederate Commanders by Ezra J. Warner.  Printed by Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London.