Henry Watkins Allen

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Henry Watkins Allen was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, April 29, 1820. He was successively a resident of Missouri, where he received his education at Marion College; Mississippi, where he taught school and became a lawyer and planter; and Louisiana, where he was a member of the legislature for two terms. Meantime he studied law at Harvard, traveled in Europe, and saw service in the Texas War for Independence. He enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army and was immediately elected lieutenant colonel of the 4th Louisiana Infantry, and shortly colonel. He was first wounded at Shiloh in April 1862; and his leg was so shattered at Baton Rouge in August of that year as to compel him to walk on crutches for the remainder of his life. He was appointed brigadier general on August 19, 1863. General Allen's most distinguished service was as governor of Louisiana during the last year of the war. Faced with enormous difficulties, his accomplishments in shoring up the economy of the Trans-Mississippi Department were unequalled. He was certainly one of the finest administrators produced by the Confederacy. After helping to negotiate the surrender of the forces under Kirby Smith, he went to Mexico City, where he established an English language newspaper. His death occurred there on April 22, 1866. He is buried in Baton Rouge, on the grounds of the old state capitol.

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