John Dunovant

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John Dunovant, a native of South Carolina, was born at Chester, March 5, 1825. After service in the Mexican War as a sergeant of the Palmetto Regiment, he was commissioned directly into the regular U. S. Army in 1855 as a captain of the 10th Infantry. Resigning a few days after the secession of his state, he was commissioned major of militia, and shortly thereafter colonel of the 1st South Carolina Regulars in Confederate service. In June 1862, while in command of this regiment on John's Island, Dunovant was cashiered for drunkenness, and dismissal from the service was resoundingly endorsed by the President. However, he was soon after appointed colonel of the 5th South Carolina Cavalry by Governor Pickens, a regiment which was ordered to Virginia in March 1864. Colonel Dunovant seemingly redeemed himself in the eyes of the President by gallant conduct in the brigade of General M. C. Butler, for on August 22, 1864 Davis appointed him brigadier general with temporary rank. In the fighting following the capture of Fort Harrison, he was killed in action on the Vaughan Road south of James River on October 1, 1864. He is buried in the family ground three miles southeast of Chester.

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