John King Jackson

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John King Jackson was born at Augusta, Georgia, on February 8, 1828, and was educated at Richmond Academy (Georgia) and the University of South Carolina, where he was graduated with honors in 1846. After studying law and being admitted to the bar in 1848, he practiced his profession in his native city until the outbreak of war, meantime serving in the Oglethorpe Infantry as lieutenant and captain. Elected colonel of the 5th Georgia Infantry in May 1861, Jackson was on duty at Pensacola until January 1862, when he was promoted brigadier general, to rank from January 14, and ordered to Grand Junction, Tennessee. There he was placed in charge of organizing the troops that were arriving and being forwarded to Corinth preparatory to the campaign of Shiloh. He commanded a brigade at the latter battle and in the subsequent invasion of Kentucky. He later fought at Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and in the Atlanta campaign. After July 1, 1864 he commanded the District of Florida for a time, participated in the defense of Savannah under General Hardee, and in the last months of the war, was in charge of supply depots in the Carolinas. After the surrender General Jackson resumed his law practice in Augusta, and while on a trip to Milledgeville, contracted pneumonia and died on February 27, 1866. His remains lie in an unmarked grave in the City Cemetery of Augusta.

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