John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.

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John Randolph Chambliss, Jr. was born in Hicksford (now Emporia), Greensville County, Virginia, January 23, 1833. He was graduated from West Point in the class of 1853. He resigned the following year to become a planter at Hicksford, in which occupation he was engaged until 1861, meantime serving as an officer in the militia and as aide-de-camp to the governor of Virginia. When the state troops were taken over by the Confederacy, Chambliss was first commissioned colonel of the 41st Virginia Infantry, and in July 1861, colonel of the 13th Virginia Cavalry. After some service south of James River and on the line of the Rappahannock during the Maryland campaign, his regiment was attached to General W. H. F. Lee's brigade in November 1862, with which it served during all of the subsequent operations of the Cavalry Corps. He was promoted brigadier general to rank from December 19, 1863. In the course of an engagement with D. M. Gregg's Federal cavalry on the Charles City Road, north of the James, General Chambliss was killed, August 16, 1864, at the head of his brigade. His death was announced by General Lee with deep regret as one "which will be felt throughout the army." He is buried in Emporia. General Chambliss' father, of the same name, was a member of the Virginia secession convention and of the First Regular Confederate Congress. 

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