Micah Jenkins

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Micah Jenkins was born on Edisto Island, South Carolina, December 1, 1835, in a plantation house which has been continuously in the possession of the family since 1791. After being graduated from the South Carolina Military Academy at the head of his class in 1854, he helped to organize King's Mountain Military School at Yorkville, South Carolina, with which he was connected until 1861. He was elected colonel of the 5th South Carolina in that year and fought conspicuously at First Manassas. He subsequently formed the Palmetto Sharpshooters, a regiment made up of transfers from the 2nd, 5th, and 9th South Carolina Infantry, which he led during the Seven Days. He was promoted brigadier general on July 22, 1862. After being severely wounded at Second Manassas, Jenkins accompanied the 1st Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia to Chicka mauga, where he commanded Hood's division during that battle. Later he participated in the Knoxville campaign, and returned to Virginia in time to command his old brigade on the second day of the battle of the Wilderness. Soon after the 1st Corps' successful assault on Hancock's lines, he rode forward at the side of General Longstreet on a reconnaissance of the Federal position. In an almost exact parallel to the wounding of Jackson the previous year at Chancellorsville, and near the same spot, Longstreet and Jenkins were struck down by the fire of their own men, the latter mortally. With a ball lodged in his brain, he continued in his delirium to urge his men to press forward. He died a few hours later on May 6, 1864. He is buried in Charleston, South Carolina.

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