Richard Lee Turberville Beale

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Richard Lee Turberville Beale was born at Hickory Hill, Westmoreland County, Virginia, on May 22, 1819. He was educated at Dickinson College and the University of Virginia, from the latter of which he was graduated in 1837. Admitted to the bar two years later, he commenced the practice of law near his birthplace, and was elected to Congress in 1846, serving one term. He was a delegate to the state constitutional convention of 1851, and a member of the upper house of the legislature from 1858 to 1860. Beale entered the service of the Confederacy as a 1st lieutenant of a cavalry company known as "Lee's Legion" or "Lee's Light Horse," which later became a part of the 9th Virginia Cavalry. He was successively promoted captain, major, lieutenant colonel, and colonel of this regiment, meantime serving most creditably in all of the campaigns of the Cavalry Division (later Corps) of the Army of Northern Virginia, save for a three-month period in the autumn of 1863, when he was suffering from a wound. For reasons which are not made manifest he tendered his resignation on three separate occasions in 1862 and 1863. None of these was accepted. He took command of a brigade in W. H. F. Lee's division in the fall of 1864, and was commissioned brigadier general to rank from January 6, 1865. After the downfall of the Confederacy General Beale again took up the practice of his profession at Hague, Virginia, and was re-elected to Congress in 1878. He died on April 21, 1893, at Hague, and was buried at Hickory Hill.

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