Robert Hall Chilton

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Robert Hall Chilton, a native of Loudoun County, Virginia, was born on February 25, 1815, and was graduated from West Point in the class of 1837. As a captain of dragoons he won the brevet of major for gallantry in Mexico. Changing over from line to staff in 1854, he resigned as major paymaster, April 29, 1861, and was soon commissioned lieutenant colonel in the Adjutant and Inspector General's Department of the Regular Confederate Army. Chilton served commendably as chief of staff to General Robert E. Lee, an old friend, and as inspector general of the Army of Northern Virginia; however, he experienced great difficulty in securing promotion. His appointment as brigadier (originally to rank from October 20, 1862) was not confirmed by the Senate until February 16, 1864. The following April he was relieved from duty in the field at his own request and assigned to duty in the department in Richmond, in charge of the inspection branch, where he continued until the close of the war. General Chilton was afterwards president of a manufacturing company in Columbus, Georgia. He died there on February 18, 1879. He is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond.

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