Samuel Jones

Major General

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Reference: Alabama Department of Archives & History. Custodian of the original pictures. Confederate Officers photo album.

Samuel Jones was born in Powhatan County, Virginia, December 17, 1819, and was a graduate of the Military Academy in the class of 1841. He served as an instructor there during the Mexican War and for five years thereafter. In 1858, while he was a captain of the 1st Artillery, he was detailed as assistant to the judge advocate of the army. Resigning on April 27, 1861, Jones was immediately commissioned a major of artillery in the Regular Army and acted as chief of artillery to General Beauregard at the battle of First Manassas. He was promoted brigadier general in the Provisional Army to rank, from July 21, 1861, and major general from March 19, 1862. He relieved General Bragg at Pensacola, and later was assigned a division under Van Dorn at Corinth. Afterwards he exercised departmental and district command at various points in Tennessee until December 1862, when he took command of the Department of Western Virginia. His direction of the Department rightly or wrongly caused his relief in March 1864. He was then assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, where he served until superseded by General Hardee in October. He had charge until the end of the war of the Department of South Georgia and Florida. He was paroled at Tallahassee in May 1865. From 1866 to 1880 General Jones engaged in farming near Mattoax, Virginia, after which he secured a clerkship in the War Department. His death occurred at Bedford Springs, Virginia, July 31, 1887, and he was buried in Richmond.

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