Seth Maxwell Barton

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Seth Maxwell Barton was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, September 8, 1829. He entered the United States Military Academy at the age of fifteen and was graduated in the class of 1849. Save for a brief tour of duty at Governors Island, his regular army service was entirely in the West. Resigning in June 1861, he was appointed lieutenant colonel of the 3rd Arkansas Infantry, and acted as Stonewall Jackson's engineer officer in the Valley district during the winter of 1861-62. After a prior nomination to the grade of brigadier general had been withdrawn by the President, Barton was appointed to rank from March 11, 1862, and was duly confirmed. He participated in the Vicksburg campaign, where he was captured, paroled, and exchanged. He was soon after given command of Armistead's old brigade of Pickett's division, but was censured by Pickett for want of cooperation at New Bern. Again criticized and relieved of command by General Robert Ransom at Drewry's Bluff in May 1864, he was unemployed until autumn, when he was assigned a brigade in the Richmond defenses. He was taken prisoner at Sayler's Creek, April 6, 1865. After release from Fort Warren, General Barton made his home in Fredericksburg, and died in Washington, April 11, 1900. None of Barton's superiors questioned his bravery, and after his removal by Ransom, his regimental commanders made repeated application for his reinstatement. He is buried in Fredericksburg.

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