Theodore Washington Brevard

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Theodore Washington Brevard was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, August 26, 1835, and moved with his family to Florida in 1847. After studying law at the University of Virginia, he was admitted to the Florida bar in 1858, and was elected to the state assembly. About this time he married a daughter of General Richard K. Call. He was appointed adjutant and inspector general of the state in 1860, but resigned the post in 1861 to raise a battalion of Partisan Rangers, which he commanded at the battle of Olustee. His battalion went to Virginia as a part of the 11th Florida Infantry of Finegan's brigade, and Brevard was shortly promoted colonel of the regiment. He was the last general officer appointed by President Davis in the armies of the Confederacy March 28, 1865 to rank from March 22. According to family tradition, he commanded the Florida Brigade until his capture at Sayler's Creek by Custer. The family also relates that he was subsequently a prisoner on Johnson's Island in Lake Erie. Since the other general officers captured at the battle of Sayler's Creek were confined in Fort Warren (with the exception of G. W. C. Lee, who was paroled), General Brevard may have been taken prisoner prior to the battle, although no official record of his capture and subsequent parole or imprisonment can be found. After the war he resumed his eminently successful law practice in Tallahassee. He died there on June 20, 1882, and is buried in the Episcopal Cemetery.

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