Thomas Green

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Thomas Green was born in Amelia County, Virginia, January 8, 1814, and was graduated from the University of Nashville. He studied law under the tutelage of his father, a justice of the Tennessee supreme court. Removing to Texas in 1835, he fought at San Jacinto in the War for Texas Independence, and served with General Zachary Taylor's command in the Mexican War as captain of the 1st Texas Rifles. In the interim he held the office of clerk of the Texas supreme court from 1841 to 1861. Green entered the Confederate Army as colonel of the 5th Texas Cavalry, which he led at the engagement of Valverde in New Mexico Territory. He subsequently distinguished himself at Galveston in January 1863, and under General Richard Taylor in Louisiana. He was promoted brigadier general from May 20, 1863. Since he had been in command of a cavalry division for some time, his further promotion to major general was requested by Taylor, but does not seem to have been forthcoming from Richmond. While he was participating in the battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, during the Red River campaign, General Green was killed in action at Blair's Landing, Louisiana, April 12, 1864, by a shell from one of the Federal gunboats which had accompanied Banks' expedition. General Green was a brother-in-law of General James P. Major by the latter's first wife. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery at Austin, Texas.

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