Thomas Lanier Clingman

Brigadier General

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Reference: Alabama Department of Archives & History. Custodian of the original pictures. Confederate Officers photo album.

Thomas Lanier Clingman was born at Huntsville, North Carolina, July 27, 1812. He was graduated from the state university in 1832 and was admitted to the bar in 1834. He commenced a political career by election to the state legislature in 1835, and served in the national House of Representatives, 1843-45 and 1847-58, when he was appointed to the Senate, to which he was elected to a full term in 1860. Resigning on March 28, 1861, Clingman was commissioned colonel of the 25th (formerly 15th) North Carolina Infantry. His principal war service was in North and South Carolina until the spring of 1864, when his brigade was ordered to Virginia. He was present at Cold Harbor, Drewry's Bluff, and Petersburg. In the battle on the Weldon railroad in August he was so badly wounded as to be unable to rejoin his command until a few days before the surrender at Greensboro. His appointment as brigadier general was dated May 17, 1862. After the war General Clingman practiced law and engaged in exploring and measuring the peaks of the Allegheny range. One of the highest mountains in the eastern United States bears his name. He died at Morgantown, North Carolina, November 3, 1897, and is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, North Carolina.

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