Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb

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Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb, like his brother, Howell, was born at "Cherry Hill," Jefferson County, Georgia, on April 10, 1823. After graduation from the University of Georgia, he took up the law as a profession. Both as advocate and constitutional lawyer he attained great reputation. He edited twenty volumes of Georgia supreme court reports (1849-57), prepared A Digest of the Statute Laws of the State of Georgia (1851), and compiled a new state criminal code (1858-61). Before and during the convention which took Georgia out of the Union, Cobb was recognized as a potent influence for the secession cause, and was elected, along with his brother, a delegate to the Montgomery convention, which established the Confederacy, and later to the Provisional Congress. Resigning from the latter to enter field service, he recruited Cobb's Legion and was commissioned as colonel. The Legion performed gallant service in the Seven Days battles, at Second Manassas, and in the Maryland campaign; and Cobb was promoted brigadier general on November 1, 1862. On December 13 following, while defending the celebrated "sunken road" at Fredericksburg, his thigh was shattered by a musket ball and he bled to death in a nearby dwelling, which was being used as a field hospital during the battle. He is buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, Georgia, near his brother.

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