William Felix Brantley

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William Felix Brantley was born in Greene County, Alabama, March 12, 1830, but was taken to Mississippi while a child. He commenced the practice of law at the now nonexistent town of Greensboro in 1852, and in 1861 represented Choctaw County in the Mississippi secession convention. Elected captain of the Wigfall Rifles, which successively became Company D of the 15th, and later of the 29th, Mississippi, Brantley soon rose to be colonel of the latter regiment. He commanded the 29th with distinction at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and in the Atlanta campaign. His brigade commander, Benton, having been mortally wounded at Atlanta on July 22, 1864, Colonel Brantley was commissioned brigadier general on July 26. He led the brigade into Tennessee and afterwards, until its surrender with General Joseph E. Johnston in North Carolina. He resumed his law practice, but was assassinated near Winona, Mississippi, November 2, 1870, while riding in his buggy. Although the murderer was never apprehended, Brantley's death apparently resulted from a feud of long standing, of which he was by no means the first victim on either side. General Brantley is buried "behind the church at Old Greensboro, about three miles north of Tomnolen, Webster County, Mississippi."

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