William Lindsay Brandon

William Lindsay Brandon was born near Washington, Adams County, Mississippi, in either 1800 or 1802. Due to destruction of the family records by fire in 1831, the exact date cannot be established. Educated at Washington College and the then College of New Jersey (now Princeton), he became a prominent and typical antebellum planter, much interested in horses and hunting. He served in the legislature in 1826 and became a major general of militia. He had also studied medicine and was often consulted professionally. Despite his advanced age, Brandon entered Confederate service as lieutenant colonel of the 21st Mississippi Infantry. Losing a leg at the battle of Malvern Hill, he was disabled for some months, but returned to duty and was promoted colonel after Gettysburg. After service with General Longstreet at Chickamauga and in the Knoxville campaign, he returned to Virginia with the 1st Corps. He was soon appointed brigadier general, to rank from June 18, 1864, and was placed in command of the bureau of conscription in his state, a post in which he served until the bureau was abolished. He returned to his plantation, "Arcole," in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, after the war. He lived there in comparative retirement until his death, October 8, 1890. He lies in the family burial ground at "Arcole."

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