William Robertson Boggs

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William Robertson Boggs was born in Augusta, Georgia, March 18, 1829, and after attendance at the Augusta Academy, was graduated from West Point in the class of 1853. Resigning his commission as 1st lieutenant of ordnance in February 1861, he was immediately appointed captain and ordnance officer to General Beauregard at Charleston. He was soon transferred to Pensacola, where he joined the staff of General Bragg as chief of engineers and artillery. During most of the year 1862 he acted as chief engineer of the state of Georgia, and was commissioned brigadier general on November 4. He accompanied General Kirby Smith to the Trans-Mississippi, and was his chief of staff until the last months of the war. General Boggs returned to Georgia in 1866, but soon after moved to St. Louis, where he engaged in civil engineering. From 1875 until 1881 he taught mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. After retirement he made his home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He died there September 11, 1911. The last years of his life were occupied in writing his military reminiscences which represent an especially valuable document on operations in the Confederate Trans-Mississippi Department. The general is buried in Salem Cemetery, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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