18th Infantry Battalion
(State Guards)


18th Infantry Battalion was formed in the spring of 1862 with men from Savannah. It contained four companies and was also known as the Savannah Guards or Savannah Volunteers Guards. The unit served on the coast and distinguished itself at Battery Wagner near Charleston, then in May, 1864, it moved to Virginia with 225 effectives. It was stationed at Chaffin's Bluff on the James River and attached to the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia. Later the battalion was assigned to Barton's, then C. A. Evans' Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, and was active in the defense of Petersburg and around Appomattox. This unit lost eighty-two percent of the 85 engaged at Sayler's Creek and surrendered 1 officer and 16 men of which 8 were colored musicians and cooks. Majors William S. Basinger and John Screven were in command.

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