19th Infantry Regiment

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19th Infantry Regiment was assembled during the summer of 1861. Its companies were raised in Henry, Jackson, Douglas, Coweta, Carroll, Mitchell, and Bartow counties. Comprising 900 men, the unit was sent to Virginia and placed in the Potomac District. In April, 1862, it totaled 395 effectives and during the war served under the command of Generals W. Hampton, Archer, and Colquitt. The 19th fought in many battles from Seven Pines to Chancellorsville, then moved to Charleston, South Carolina, and later Florida where it took part in the conflict at Olustee. In April, 1864, it returned to Virginia and continued the fight at Proctor's Creek and Cold Harbor and in the Petersburg lines south and north of the James River. This regiment lost 32 killed and 157 wounded during the Seven Days' Battles, 13 killed and 76 wounded in the Maryland Campaign, and 3 killed and 40 wounded at Chancellorsville. It sustained 96 casualties at Olustee. In 1865 the unit participated in the North Carolina Campaign and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. The field officers were Colonels William W. Boyd, Andrew J. Hutchins, and James H. Neal; Lieutenant Colonels Tilman W. Flynt, Ridgway B. Hogan, and Thomas C. Johnson; and Majors William Hamilton, John W. Hooper, and Charles W. Mabry.

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