1st Confederate Regiment Infantry


This regiment was originally known as 1st Villepigue's Independent Battalion and the 36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, (Villepigue's). Designation was changed to 1st Confederate Regiment Infantry and it was also known as the 1st Confederate Regiment, Georgia Infantry.

John B. Villepigue was Major and Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Battalion, Georgia Infantry; Colonel of the 36th (Villepigue's) Georgia Infantry and Colonel of the 1st Regiment Confederate Infantry.



Field & Staff

Company A

Company B

1st Company C

2nd Company C

1st Company D

2nd Company D

1st Company E

2nd Company E

1st Company F

2nd Company F

1st Company G

2nd Company G

1st Company H

2nd Company H

1st Company H, 26th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

2nd Company I

2nd Company K

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