2nd Infantry Regiment
Georgia State Line
(Stapleton's) (Storey's)


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
P.W. Adams Private Private
S.D. Aldman Second Lieutenant Ensign
T.C. Allen K Private
Allen I Private
S.D. Allman Second Lieutenant Ensign
J. W. Ammons First Lieutenant
W. T. Armestead Captain Captain
E. B. Attaway D,A Private Private
William Ball D Private Private
R. H. Baskin F Private
N.S. Beale First Lieutenant
Augustus A. Beall Captain
William H. Beall D Private Private
William H. Bell I Private Private
C.C. Best D
N. C. Bond K Private
Joshua J. Boyet D Private
B.F. Brown I Private Private
Emanuel Brown I Private
J.T. Brown I Private Private
Shad Brown F Private
Shilldrake Brown Private
Thaddeus Brown F Private
Adamson M. Bruce Private Private
G. N. Buchanan E Private Private
W. B. Bugg K Private
Henry H. Burch F Second Lieutenant Ensign
Henry M. Burts F Second Lieutenant Ensign
James A. Carr A Private
A. H. Cason H Private Private
T. L. Clark Private Private
William Cole C Private Private
John W. Coleman F Private
Rees Coleman F
W. A. Coleman F
Andrew S. Collins B Private
J. J. Cook K Private Private
J. T. Cook B Private
Miles G. Copeland K Lieutenant Ensign
Wm. B. Copeland Lieutenant Ensign
D. D'Antignac E Private
Jas. A. Daniel Lieutenant/Acting Assistant Quartermaster Lieutenant/Assistant Quartermaster
J. A. Daniels Lieutenant/Acting Assistant Quartermaster Lieutenant/Assistant Quartermaster
R. L. Daniels K Private Private
D.B. Davis B Private
G.B. Davis Private Private
Peter B. Dennis F Private
Taylor B. Denword B Private
J. T. Dickinson Sergeant Sergeant
J.H. Douglas Medical Officer
Jesse J. Duggan ... Private
L. Early K Lieutenant
B.D. Erins F&S Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
L.E. Ethridge F Sergeant
Lucien R. Ethridge F Sergeant
B. D. Evans Lieutenant Colonel
G.M. Fairfield Private Private
G.B. Fambrough K Private Private
J.W. Foreman Private Private
J.W. Fourman Private Private
M. Garrett
Frank Gilmore A Private
S. N. Gilmore D Private
Isaac O. Hall F Private
E.S. Halley H Private
John Hancock D Private
Isaac Hardy D Private
R.W. Hardy F Private
Henry Harrall Private
B.C. Harris Captain
B.C. Harris Lieutenant Lieutenant
Gartrell Harris I Private
Jesse J. Harrisson A Private
Edward Henry C Private Private
James C. Hightower G Private Private
J.C. Hill Surgeon Surgeon
W.R. Hill Private Private
Hogg K Private
T.W. Hord E Private
James P. Howard Private Private
Jas. S. Hoyne Captain/Acting Commissary of Subsistence
C.J. Hudson A Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
B.W.A. Jackson B Private
Abram B. Jones K Private
Arch B. Kent A Private
J.J. Kent C Private
T. Kinney D Private
J. Knowles F Private
John J. Lee Private Private
William H. Legg D Corporal Corporal
R.T. Livingston E First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
B. Logne H Private Private
Wm. A. Loyless B Private
M.W. Maddox Captain
Joel Madison B Private
Sam. H. Martin C Private
Noel O. Massey B Private
Noel Q. Massey B Private
Geo. A. McCelvey K Private
Jos. R. McCollum Second Lieutenant
Murdock H. McCray F Sergeant
M. McDonald F Sergeant Sergeant
J.T. McIntosh I Private
M.H. McRae F Sergeant
James Miller C Private Private
J. C. H. Mitchell I Captain Captain
Saul R. Mobley K Private
Montgomery A Second Lieutenant
H. M. Moor Captain/Acting Quartermaster
H. M. Moore
Hugh M. Moore Captain Captain
Wm. J. Moore F Private
James A. Morgan Corporal Corporal
Jeff J. Morris D Private
Wm. F. Morris B Private
J T Norsworthy I Private
Thos. M Northcutt Captain
C. J. Parker C Private Private
Hartwell Passmore B Private
Arch N. Payne A Sergeant
James F. Payne F Private
A. J. Perdue B
J. Perkins E Private
Pickett C Second Lieutenant
S.T. Porter Lieutenant
Wm. A. Potts I Captain
Robert Rash E Corporal Corporal
P. W. Reddick Sergeant Sergeant
J.D. Rice E Sergeant Sergeant
J.H. Rice H Sergeant Sergeant
John P. Richards Ensign
S. M. Roberts Second Lieutenant Captain
A. Rosin A Private Private
S.V. Rudd Private Private
S.J. Saffold K Captain
S.J. Safford Captain
Z.F. Sanders Captain
P.S. Sapfold E Captain
James Simpson F Private
David C. Sims K Lieutenant
David E. Sims K Lieutenant
G. W. Sims K Private Private
Francis M. Skinner I Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
S. D. Slade First Lieutenant
Gideon Smith Second Lieutenant
J. Smith B Private
Seaborn E. Smith I First Lieutenant
G.W. Speer I Private
S.B. Spence Private Private
W. Spence Sergeant Sergeant
W.B. Spence Private Private
W. Spencer Sergeant Sergeant
W.W. Stallings A Private Private
Jas F. Stanley C Private
James Stapleton Colonel
Stapleton Colonel Colonel
M.P. Still B Private Sergeant
R.L. Storey Colonel
William R Swanson A Private Private
Benjamin C Talant Ensign Third Lieutenant
Thomas Talant A Private Private
Asa Tanton A Private
E.D. Taylor I Private Private
Jas. R. Taylor C Private
Thomas Thomason E Private
R.T. Thornton Second Lieutenant
R.W. Tommus I Private Private
A. K. Veal
Reuben H. Veal H Private
J. F. Vickers K Private
Benjamin R. Walker B Private Private
Wall B Second Lieutenant
J. B. Wallace Captain
C. R. Wambel First Lieutenant
C. R. Wamble First Lieutenant
D. W. Wamble Major
Jno. M. Ward Private
Wm. W. Watson A Private
William M. Weddington C Private Private
W.H. Welch C Private
Jno. Wells A Private
J.H. Wilson G Private
James Wilson Colonel
Thomas S. Winn C Private Private
J.S. Woken Captain/Acting Commissary of Subsistence
J.M. Woodall F Private
R.L. Worrell Captain

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