66th Infantry Regiment
Army of Tennessee

Mustered in on October 13, 1863 -- April 9, 1865


Field & Staff


Miscellaneous Roster of Non Listed Personnel


This regiment was composed primarily of conscripts taken from the Camps of Instruction at Decatur, Georgia, and Macon, Georgia. The companies appear to have been organized at various times in August and September, 1863, and formed into a regiment on October 13, 1863. For a time the regiment was at Camp Cobb, Quincy, Florida, but was made a part of General Johnston's Army of Tennessee soon thereafter and served with this command to the end of the war. In February or March 1865, the regiment merged into the newly organized 1st Battalion Confederate Infantry, of which only fragmentary records exist.

66th Infantry Regiment [also called 65th Regiment] was organized at Atlanta, Georgia, during the summer of 1863. It was assigned to Wilson's, C.H. Stevens', and H.R. Jackson's Brigade, participated in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Atlanta to Nashville, and ended the war in North Carolina. In December, 1863, this regiment contained 513 men and 419 arms but was greatly reduced when it surrendered on April 26, 1865. Its commanders were Colonel J. Cooper Nisbet, Lieutenant Colonel A.S. Hamilton, and Major R. Newton Hull.

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