9th Infantry Battalion








(Also called 17th Battalion) was organized during winter of 1861-1862 with five companies. The unit was sent to Tennessee, served in the campaign into Kentucky, then was assigned to General Rains' Brigade. It fought at Murfreesboro and reported 12 casualties. In the spring of 1863 it merged into the 37th Georgia Infantry Regiment. Major Joseph T. Smith was in command.

The Ninth Battalion Georgia Volunteers had at first the following officers:

Maj. J. T. Smith
(A) J. G. McMullen
(B) D. L. Gholston
(C) D. C. Young
(D) G. Eberhart
(E) S. G. Pettus

This battalion was sent to East Tennessee in April, 1862, and served in that department and in the campaign into Kentucky. Returning to Tennessee it participated in the battle of Murfreesboro, after which it was united with the Third battalion to form the Thirty-Seventh Regiment, to which reference is made for a further ketch of this fine body of troops.

From Confederate Military History

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