1st Creek Infantry Regiment

1st Creek Infantry Regiment was organized near Eufaula, Creek Nation, in August, 1861, and served as mounted infantry. During May, 1862, about 900 officers and men were present, and for a time the unit was assigned to the Department of the Indian Territory. It then was attached to D. H. Cooper's, and Watie's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department. The regiment saw action at Elkhorn Tavern and Old Fort Wayne, and later raided the Federals in the Indian Territory. In September, 1864, about 125 men fought at Cabin Creek and on June 23, 1865, surrendered with the other Indian troops. Its commanders were Colonel D. N. McIntosh, Lieutenant Colonels Samuel Chekote and W. R. McIntosh, and Majors J. Derrysaw and James McHenry.

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