William's Artillery Battery

Crute's compendium contains no history for this unit


By Special Order No. 11, dated at Richmond January 14, 1863,  the Confederate Adjutant and Inspector General's office authorized "R. S. Williams to raise a light artillery company, to be equipped with Williams' breech-loading guns, to consist of Kentuckians, under the call of the President and existing law."   
Capt. Williams' compiled service record shows requisitions for the "Kentucky Battery" dating from April 29, 1863, to August 29, 1864.  They are signed by him and show southwestern Virginia locations around Abingdon.  A sack of salt "for the use of artillery animals" was requisitioned on February 7, 1864, at Greeneville, Tennessee.
Robert S. Williams (ca 1833-1898) of Covington, Kentucky, was a newspaper editor before and after the Civil War.  Early in the war he moved to Virginia.  After its close he returned to Kentucky and edited newspapers in Covington and Louisville.  In later years he was a tax gauger for the Internal Revenue Service at Covington.  He died there and was buried at Flagg Springs, Campbell County, Kentucky. 
Source of the following roster is the Kentucky Historical Society.  [I've added in the names Robert to Williams and James to Schoolfield, and corrected Whalen to Whallen.  Otherwise, the names are exactly as received.]
1.  Captain R(obert). S. Williams
2.  First Lieutenant John J(ames). Schoolfield
3.  Sergeant George S. Adamson
4.  Sergeant John Fish
5.  Bayless, D. Brainard
6.  Beagle, John T. Beaver
7.  Biggs, George
8.  Busby, R. Matthew
9.  Buzzard, Granville
10.  Campbell, Vincent P.
11.  Carns, James
12.  Carns, William
13.  Clark, J. N.
14.  Coleman, Robert
15.  Colvin, Charles H.
16.  Colvin, Levi Allen
17.  Daniels, William E.
18.  Elliott, L. Kelly
19.  Flenor, Levi
20.  Frazer, Augustus
21.  Frazer, Thomas M.*
22.  Fry, J. M.
23.  Gum, Robert
24.  Hamilton, Henry
25.  Hamilton, Vincent
26.  Hibler, Joseph N.
27.  Hill, Theodore M.
28.  Ingle, E. B.
29.  Leonard, Rufus
30.  Mansfield, Henry
31.  McDonald, ----
32.  McKinney, William M.
33.  Miles, John
34.  Miller, John H.
35.  Morford, George H.
36.  Morford, James W.
37.  Nelson, Theodore
38.  Peters, Marion D. "Bud"
39.  Rice, William
40.  Rodefer, Emanuel
41.  Schoolfield, William D.
42.  Stout, George
43.  Trigg, J. E. C.
44.  Walters, Roland F.
45.  Warring (Warren), Richard
46.  Whalen (Whallen), John H. 
47.  Weiss, Phares (Farris) K.
48.  Willis, Harry P.
49.  Woodward, John G.
50.  Woodworth, Lewis M.
*Thomas M. Frazer was Capt. Williams' brother-in-law.

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