4th Cavalry Battalion, (Duke's Brigade)

4th Special Cavalry Battalion was formed during the late fall of 1864 with men who had served under General J.H. Morgan. It was placed in B.W. Duke's Brigade, Department of Western Virginia and East Tennessee, and saw action in numerous engagements in Tennessee and Virginia. In January, 1865, the unit contained 101 effectives and during the spring odisbanded. It was commanded by Major (acting) W.R. Messick.


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
Charles B. Brent Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
Courtnay B. Brent Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
Robt. Cunningham A Second Lieutenant
Wm. Farmer C Private
J.W. Faulkner C Private
Robert Greer C Private
Thos. Hays C Private
Ed Kernes D Private
Richard Oliver C Private
Roark, Sr. C Private
James D. Skinner C Third Lieutenant
William M. Watt B Private Private
Jas. Yates C Private

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