1st Field Battery
(St. Mary Cannoneers, 1st Battery Volunteer Artillery,
Cornay's, Gordy's)

Roster Below

Nickname: St. Mary's Cannoneers

Organization: Organized and mustered into Confederate service at Franklin on October 7, 1861. Captured at Fort Jackson on April 26, 1862. Exchanged in mid-1862. It was designated as the 1st Field Artillery Battery on November 19, 1864. It was armed with two 24-lb. Howitzers and two 12-lb. Howitzers in May 1865. Surrendered by General E.K. Smith, commanding Trans-Mississippi Department, on May 26, 1865.

First Commander: Florian O. Cornay, CPT [killed April 26, 1864]
Captain: Minos T. Gordy [April 26, 1864]

Assignments: Department #1 (Oct 61-Mar 62); Fort Jackson, Forts Jackson & St. Philip [Higgins’ Command], Coast Defenses [Duncan’s Command], Department #1 (Apr 62); Artillery, District of West Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department (Sep 62-Dec 63); Artillery, MOUTON’s-Polignac’s Division, District of West Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department (Dec 63-May 64); Faries’ Artillery Battalion, Polignac’s Division, District of West Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Department (May-Sep 64); 3rd (Faries’) Mounted Artillery Battalion, 2nd (Polignac’s) Division, 1st Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department (Sep-Nov 64); 4th (Squires’) Mounted Artillery Battalion, 1st (Forney’s) Texas Division, 1st Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department (Dec 64-Mar 65); 3rd (Squires’) Field Artillery Battalion, 2nd (Polignac’s-Thomas’) Division, 1st Corps, Trans-Mississippi Department (Mar-May 65)

Battles: New Orleans (April 18-25, 1862); Fort Bisland [section] (April 13-14, 1863); Irish Bend [two sections] (April 14, 1863); Atchafalaya River vs.USSEstrella (June 4, 1863); Atchafalaya River vs. Gunboats (June 4, 1863); vs. Gunboats and transports on the Mississippi River (July 7, 1863); Cox’s Plantation, near Donaldsonville (July 12-13, 1863); Hog Point vs. gunboats and transports (November 18-21, 1863); Red River Campaign (March-June 1864); Mansfield (April 8, 1864); Pleasant Hill (April 9, 1864); Cane and Red Rivers Junction (April 26-27, 1864); Mansura (May 16, 1864); Yellow Bayou (May 18, 1864)

From Bergeron, LA Confed. Units, 17-18:

"This battery was mustered into Confederate service at Franklin, Louisiana, on October 7, 1861. The battery remained at Camp Hunter near Franklin untilearly 1862, when it moved to Fort Jackson below New Orleans. During the defense of that fort and Fort St. Philip, the men performed able service as heavy artillerists. Theirs was the only unit that did not mutiny on the night of April 27, 1862, and the officers and enlisted men became prisoners of war when the forts surrendered. After receiving their exchange, the men gathered at Camp Hunter to be outfitted again as a field battery. One two-gun section fought in the battles at Fort Bisland, April 12-13, 1863. Enemy fire disabled one gun, and the men had to abandon it. The other two sections, with the remaining gun of the third section, participated in the Battle of Irish Bend, April 14. In this battle, the battery lost its flag to men of the 13th Connecticut Infantry. On June 3, the battery engaged the enemy gunboat Estrella on the Atchafalaya River and drove it back. The next day, with another battery, Cornay’s men engaged three enemy gunboats near the same site. Heavy enemy fire forced the batteries to withdraw. From July, 1863, to March, 1864, the battery joined in the various marches of General Alfred MOUTON’s Louisiana brigade in south Louisiana but rarely engaged the enemy. The men fired on Federal vessels on the Mississippi Riverfrom positions along the levee below Donaldsonville, July 7-10, 1863. At least one gun participated in operations against Federal vessels at Hog Point, near Red River Landing, November 18-21. On December 8, one section of the battery fired on the Federal transport Von Phul, causing some damage to that vessel, and then exchanged shots with the gunboat Neosho. At the Battle of Mansfield, April 8, 1864, the battery was only lightly engaged in support of the Confederate attack. The battery performed gallant service on April 26 and 27 against three enemy gunboats and two transports on the Red River near the mouth of the Cane River. The heavy, accurate fire of the guns crippled one gunboat and disabled a transport, resulting in its capture. In the skirmish at Mansura, May 16, the battery was the last artillery unit to withdraw from the field, and it covered the army’s retreat. The men participated in the Battle of Yellow Bayou, May 18. Following the Red River Campaign of 1864, the battery saw no more fighting. The men accompanied General Camille J. Polignac’s division on its march throughnorth Louisiana into southern Arkansas in late 1864. In November, orders officially designated the men as the 1st Louisiana Field Battery. Transferred about that time to General John H. Forney’s division, the battery later was stationed near Tyler, Texas. At the surrender of the Trans-Mississippi Department in May, 1865, the battery still occupied its camp near Tyler and had four guns. During the course of the war, approximately 161 men served with the battery."


ANDRÉ, Charles. Pvt.


AUBERT, Aldolphe. Pvt.



BERWICK, Oscar D. 1LT.

BORDELON, Alfred H. Pvt.

BORDELON, Neville. Pvt.



BOUDREAUX, Étienne. Pvt. Res. St. Mary Par. En. 14 Oct 61, Berwick Bay. Pres. to Dec 61. POW prl. Franklin, 10 Jun 65.

BOUDREAUX, Furcey. Pvt. Cpl. Res. St. Mary Par. En. 7 Oct 61, Berwick Bay. Pres. to Dec 61. Prl. Franklin, 10 Jun 65.

BOUDREAUX [Bondreaux], Seraphin. Pvt.  Cap. Bayou Teche, 13 Apr 63. Prl. Prophet’s Island below Port Hudson, 5 May 63. Exch. at New Orleans, [n.d.].  Same S.B. as in Company E, 1st (Dreux's/Rightor's) Battalion Infantry?

BROUSSARD, Alcee. Pvt. Res. St. Mary Par.  POW prl. Franklin, 10 Jun 65.

CARLIN, Celestin T. Pvt.

CARLIN, J. O. Pvt.

COMEAUX [Como], Edward. Sgt. Res. St. Mary Par.  POW prl. Franklin, 10 Jun 65.


DASPIT, Oscar. Pvt.

DE CLOUET, Alexander. Pvt.  CSRC, Index: Alexander Declouet.

DE CLOUET, P. L. Sgt.  CSRC, Index: P. L. Declouet.

DELAHOUSSAYE, Ludovic P. Guidon.

DELAHOUSSAYE, M. St. Cyr. Cpl.  CSRC, Index: M. St. Cyr Delahurssage.


DODD, H. P. Pvt.

DUHON [Duhan], A. Pvt. Res. St. Landry Par.  POW prl. Washington, LA, 21 Jun 65.

DUMESNIL, Theodore. Pvt.

DUPONT, Pierre. Pvt.

FOLSE, John. Pvt.

GUENARD, Charles. Cpl.

GREMILLION, Alphones. Pvt.

GREMILLION, F. Onile. Pvt.

HAYDEL, Adrien. Pvt.

HAYDEL, Earnest B. Cpl.

HAYDEL, Edward. Pvt.

HAYDEL, John J. Sgt.Maj.

HEBERT [Herbert], A. Pvt. Res. Opelousas.  On hosp. regis, adm. To C.S. Gen. Hosp., Shreveport, 24 Apr 65. Trfr. to Keatchie, 29 Apr 65.  POW prl. Alexandria, 5 Jun 65.

JOHNSON, Edward. Pvt.

KERN, William R. Cpl.

LANDRY, G. Pvt.  POW cap. St. John the Baptist Par. or Donaldsonville, 8 Jul 63. Prl. upon recommendation of Dr. Alexander, Med. Director, Dept. of the Gulf.

LAPOINTE, Adolphe. Pvt.

LASTRAPES, Lacien. Pvt.

LEGENDRE, A. Pvt.  CSRC, Index: A. Legenare.

LEGENDRE, Charles Ulysse. Bugler.  Called Ulysse.  CSRC Index: C. U. LEGENDRE.

LEVRON, James A. Scudday. Pvt.  CSRC, Index: J. A. Scudday LEVRON, J. Sauddr  LEVRON.  Served also in Company G, 18th Regiment Infantry as 1Sgt.

MCBRIDE, Thomas J. Artificer.

MENDOZA, Lucien. Pvt.

MOREAU, L. A. Pvt.


MOUTON, J. Edmond. Pvt. Born 16 August 1847. Not in CSRC or Booth, but he does have a Louisiana pension record. Married Emerite Flavie VOORHIES. Died 14 March 1925, age 77. Buried St. John Catholic Cemetery, Lafayette; his UCV grave marker lists this unit; a family gravestone provides his birth & death dates & his wife's name. 

OLIVIER, Jules G. 1LT.   Served also as Volunteer Aide-de-Camp, General Staff.

PROVOST, Lucien. Pvt.

PROVOST, Lufroy. Pvt.

RICHARD, Charles J. Sgt. Q.M.Sgt. Res. St. Mary Par. En. 7 Oct 61, Berwick Bay. Nov-Dec 61: Pres. or abs. not stated. POW prl. Franklin, 10 Jun 65.

ROBERT, N. M. Pvt.

SEELY, James E. Pvt.  CSRC, Index: James E. Seeley.

SMITH, G. H. Pvt.

SMITH, Joshua. Pvt.

TALBOT, Basile. Pvt.  CSRC, Index: Basile Talbott.

THERIOT, Alcide F. Cpl. En. 7 Oct 61, Berwick Bay. Pres. Nov-Dec 61.

THERIOT, Bélisaire. Pvt. Sgt. Res. St. Mary Par. En. 7 Oct 61, Berwick Bay. Pres. Nov-Dec 61. POW prl. Franklin, 10 Jun 65.

THIBODEAUX [Thibedeaux], B. Pvt. Res. Terrebonne Par.  POW prl. Alexandria, 7 Jun 65. [NER.] (B3:800)

THIBODEAUX [Thibedeaux], L. Pvt. Res. Terrebonne Par.  POW prl. Alexandria, 5 Jun 65.

*THIBODEAUX [Thibodeary], S. Pvt.  POW cap. Gettysburg, PA, 3 Jul 63[?!]. Rcd. Ft. Delaware, DE, 7-12 Jul 63. Exch. [Ft. Delaware?] 7 Mar 65.  This unit was nowhere near Gettysburg! See Donaldsonville Artillery.

VANNOY, A. M. Pvt.

WILTZ, Arnold. Pvt.

WILTZ, Thomas. Pvt.

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