Orleans Guard Battery Louisiana Artillery

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Organization: Organized at New Orleans on March 6, 1862. Organized for ninety days in Confederate service in March 1862. It was armed with four 6-lb. Smoothbores and two 12-lb. Howitzers in March 1862. Battery merged into the 10th Missouri Artillery Battery on July 21, 1862. NOTE: This battery was part of the same corps as the Orleans Guard Infantry Battalion.
First Commander: Henry Ducatel, CPT [discharged June 5, 1862]

Assignments: Department #1 (Mar 62): MOUTON's-Gober's-Reichard's Brigade, Ruggles' Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Mississippi, Department #2 (Apr-Jun 62); Reichard's Brigade, 2nd Corps, Army of the Mississippi, Department #2 (Jun-Jul 62); Reichard's Brigade, Jones' Division, Army of the Mississippi, Department #2 (Jul 62)

Battles: Corinth Campaign (April-June 1862); Farmington (May 9, 1862)

Orleans Guard Battery A

Organization: Organized by detaching those members of the 10th Missouri Artillery Battery who had previously served in the Orleans Guard Artillery Battery and forming this new company on July 11, 1863, per S.O. #183, Army of Tennessee. This battery received the guns of the Chestatee (Georgia) Artillery Battery upon its arrival at Charleston, South Carolina in November 1863. It was armed with two 6-lb. Smoothbores and two 12-lb. Howitzers from April 2, 1864 to May 3, 1864. It was armed with four 12-lb. Napoleons and two 3.5" Blakelys on January 6, 1865.
First Commander: G[ustave] LeGardeur, Jr., CPT

Captain: Camille E. Girardey

Assignments: Artillery Reserve, Army of Tennessee (July-Sep 63); Robertson's Battalion, Artillery Reserve, Army of Tennessee (Sep-Nov 63); Unattached, 1st Military District of South Carolina, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (Nov 63-Jul 64); Ripley's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (Jul-Aug 64); Taliaferro's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (Oct-Dec 64); 2nd Light Artillery Battery, Taliaferro's Division, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (Dec 64-Jan 65); Rhett's Brigade, Taliaferro's Division, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (Jan-Feb 65); Rhett's Artillery Battalion, Taliaferro's Division, Hardee's Corps (Feb-Mar 65); Rhett's Battalion, Artillery, Hardee's Corps (Mar-Apr 65); Rhett's Artillery Battalion, 3rd Corps, Army of Tennessee (Apr 65)

Battles: Chickamauga (September 19-20, 1863); Chattanooga Siege (September-November 1863); Fort Johnson and Battery Simkins (July 10, 1864); Carolina Campaign (February-April 1865); Averasboro (March 16, 1865)

From Bergeron, LA Confed. Units, 35-36:

"Organized March 6, 1862, at New Orleans, this battery moved to Corinth, Mississippi, with four 6-pounder guns and two 12-pounder howitzers. The battery participated in the engagement at Farmington, May 9, 1862, during which 1 man was wounded. Following the retreat of the army to Tupelo, the battery was disbanded July 21, and the men received assignments to other commands. General Braxton Bragg reorganized the battery on July 11, 1863, and assigned it to the Artillery Reserve Battalion of the Army of Tennessee. The battery saw some action at Chickamauga, September 19-20. In November, the battery received orders to report to Charleston, South Carolina. There it was reported as having two 6-pounder bronze guns and two 12-pounder howitzers. The battery occupied various fortifications in the Charleston defenses until the evacuation of Charleston in February, 1865. On July 10, 1864, the battery helped repulse a Union barge attack on Fort Johnson and Battery Simkins. The battery served with General William B. Taliaferro's division during the Carolinas Campaign of 1865. At the Battle of Averasboro, North Carolina, March 15-16, the two howitzers engaged the enemy, and one or both guns had to be abandoned during the retreat. The battery surrendered with the army on April 26, 1865."


Gustave LeGardeur             Captain Johnson, T.
Olivier Lauve                        1st Lt. Keely, Andrew
Theophule Tripagnier          2nd Sr. Lt. Dernan, J.
John Glynn                          2nd Jr. Lt. Lobit, H.
Ernest Coignard                  Q.M. Sgt. Lagrande, P.
Arthur Durel                        Sgt. Major Livaudais, A.
Charles Coignard                Sergeant LeGardeur, L.
Ernest Deverges                  Sergeant Lamon, S. P.
Achille Guilet                       Sergeant Lange, L.
Alphonse Lauve                  Sergeant Luding, L.
Vasseur Gaudin                  Corporal Lappice, A.
Anatole Lalande                 Corporal Legendre, A.
Lucian Fortier                    Corporal Lavargene, P.
Jules Lamarie                     Corporal Mauberret, L.
Albert A. Rush                   Corporal Margues, F.
John Cassanova                 Corporal Millauden, Henry
Alfred Theriot                    Corporal Nott, E.
Leonce Percy                     Corporal Oemichen, G.
Gabriel Montegut               Guidon O'Conner, J.
Edlon Dubuisson                Artificer Olivier, P. N.
C. Gillet                               Artificer Olivier, W. M.
Paul Retif                            Artificer Pitot, E.
J. Shearer                            Artificer Peltier, J. B.
A. Vial                                 Bugler Prete, M.
Privates Phibbet, J. B.
Angel, John Peschier, L.
Allisson, Huge Pittot, A.
Alvarez, C. Peseros, A.
Baudean, D. Pemberton, J.
Bozonier, A. Retif, P.
Bozonier, E. Retif, A.
Broker, H. Rochelle, J. B.
Brandin, J. Ruch, A.
Barriere, C. Roux, A.
Blakemore, M. Ruines, E.
Brelet, P. Roberts, T.
Coignard, E. Roux, E.
Capdeville, P. Sharp, T. M.
Cruzet, G. Saucier, C.
Delahaye, W. Saucier, P.
Dolhonde, L. Songer, C.
Dugan, S.E. Sarpy, F or P.
Ducatel, A. Souchon, C.
De Lisle, A. G. Stephaur, G.
Decaux, V. Simmoneaux, O.
Delahoussaye, O. Serie, L.
Durel, R. Sauve, F.
Dolhonde, E. Sheridan, J. B.
Durham, R. J. Tancy, Rob. J.
Fayne, A. Triche, T. E.
Ferguson, J. Toca, S.
Gamotis, A. Tobin, J.
Gangloff, A. Umartin, J.
Gonzales, F. Vial, A.
Gordon, M. M. Verret, J.
Guibet, A. Wickes, A.
Guidre, E. Whitner, C.
Gaillard, A. Wiltz, Leon
Girod, J. D. Wogan, A. N.
Gerard, J. Walsh, W.
Guerin, P. Willoz, H.
Gardare, A. Weysham, C.
Honer, A. Yamit, A.
Harris, E. Forsall, Wm.

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