28th (Thomas') Infantry Regiment

A.K.A. 29th Infantry Regiment


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This regiment was organized at Enterprise, Mississippi, on January 26, 1864, from the remnants of the 3rd, 17th, 22nd (later 21st), 23rd (later 22nd), 26th, 29th and 31st Louisiana regiments in the parole camp there. The new unit had 780 men on its rolls. On February 3, the regiment received orders to report to Mobile, Alabama. There the men garrisoned several redoubts and batteries around the city. During the next few months, the men drilled as heavy artillerists and performed guard duty. The regiment moved to Pollard on May 22 to guard the railroad to Montgomery from Federal raids out of Pensacola. On July 22, the men moved to Pine Barren's Creek to meet such a raid, but the enemy retreated to Pensacola before any fighting could occur. The passage of the forts guarding the mouth of Mobile Bay by Admiral David G. Farragut's Union fleet resulted in orders on August 4 for the regiment to return to Mobile. Again the men occupied various batteries in the city's defenses. Later in the fall, the regiment moved to the Eastern Shore defenses. Two companies garrisoned Battery Huger on the Appalachee River, and three companies held nearby Battery Tracy on the Blakely River. Four companies participated in the defense of Spanish Fort, March 27 - April 8, 1865. The men at Battery Huger and Battery Tracy fired their guns in support of the earthworks at Spanish Fort. When the latter were evacuated, the men of the regiment united at Huger and Tracy until they too were evacuated, on April 12. The regiment moved to Meridian, Mississippi, and was surrendered there on May 8.

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