3d Infantry Regiment

Company D

Pelican Rangers No. 2

Blair, J. D., Captain.-----Resigned, 1861.
Russell, S. D., 1st Lieutenant.-----Elected Major, May 8, 1862. Promoted to Colonel. Wounded at Corinth and Vicksburg.
Russell, W. E., 2d Lieutenant.-----Elected Captain, May 8, 1862. Wounded at Vicksburg.
Hyams, S. M., Jr., 2nd Lieutenant.-----Elected Lieutenant-Colonel of Cavalry Regiment.
Morse, B. P., First Sergeant.-----Elected 2nd Lieutenant, May 8, 1862. Wounded at Corinth.
Walmsley, H. B., 2nd Sergeant.
Airey, F. W., 3rd Sergeant. Appointed Sergeant-Major. Elected Captain of Louisiana Regiment. Afterwards A. A. G., Hay's Staff.
Peters, J. H., 4th Sergeant.
Charleville, J., 1st Corporal.-----Wounded at Iuka, September 19, 1862.
Grove, D., 2nd Corporal.-----Wounded at Elk Horn, March 7, 1862.
De Russey, W. A., 3rd Corporal.
Peters, J. H., 4th Corporal.
Blackstone, M. P., Private.
Bowling, W. T., Private.
Barksdale, A. H., Private.
Badt, W., Private.-----Wounded at Vicksburg.
Bastick, W. R., Private.
Bassett, M. C., Private.
Carrell, J. N., Private.
Chambers, J., Private.
Cohn, M., Private.
Collins, W. M., Private.
Cobb, T., Private.-----Killed at Vicksburg.
Creighton, W. B., Private.
Caradine, I., Private.-----Wounded at Elk Horn, March 7, 1862.
Duke, H. J., Private.
Dodson, W. W., Private.
Davenport, J. A., Private.
Davis, W. P., Private.
Davis, B., Private.-----Wounded at Oak Hills, August 10, 1861.
Daly, T., Private.-----Wounded at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Evans, D. N., Private.
Ely, V., Private.
Edmonson, H. V. C., Private.-----Killed at Vicksburg.
Fonteneau, G., Private.-----Wounded at Vicksburg.
Fox, G. W., Private.
Grillett, S., Private.-----Wounded at Vicksburg.
Goodwin, J., Private.
Gandy, W. W., Private.-----Killed at Vicksburg.
Gallion, E., Private.
Hilbum, W. H., Private.
Hammet, R. C., Private.-----Killed at Viccksburg.
Ivy, W. W., Private.-----Wounded ay Iuka.
Jackson, C. H., Private.
Kimball, A.J., Private.
Hutchinski, W., Private.
Levasseur, E. B., Private.
Leplant, O., Private.-----Died of wounds at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Leplant, A., Private.
Masley, J. M., Private.
Masson, E., Private.
Mattingly, G., Private.
McCaskey, T. H., Private.-----Wounded at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
McDowell, L. B., Private.
Matthews, T. J., Private.
McCarty, J., Private.
McDaniel, J. A., Private.-----Wounded at Vicksburg.
McDaniel, H., Private.
McKerley, J., Private.
McMahon, J., Private.
Moore, P. S., Private.
Merritt, J., Private.-----Wounded at Corinth, Miss., Oct. 3, 1862 and at Vicksburg, Miss.
O'Brien, M., Private.
Oliver, W., Private.
Powell C., Private.
Read, J. L., Private.
Rachal, A., Private.
Ragon, P. H., Private.
Spragg, W., Private.
Shiff, J., Private.
Springer, F. H., Private.-----Wounded at Elk Horn, March 7, 1862.
Trichel, G. L., Private.-----Elected 1st Lieutenant, May 8, 1862, Wounded at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Trichel, E., Private.
Thomasie, O., Private.
Williamson, J., Private.-----Died from wounds, Oak Hill, Aug. 10, 1861.
Wheitfield, G. W., Private.
Wolf, J., Private.
Waddell, H. J., Private.
Yost, J. B., Private.

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