3d Infantry Regiment

Company H
Monticello Rifles

J. S. Richards, Captain.-----Re-elected May 8, 1862. Promoted Major.
W. D. Hardeman, 1st Lieutenant.-----Promoted Captain and A. Q. M., A. A. G., General Hebert's Staff.
A. A. Hedrick, 2nd Lieutenant.-----Promoted 1st Lieutenant, May 8, 1862.
W. H. Corbin, 2nd Lieutenant.-----Discharged.
H. Maynadier, 1st Sergeant.-----Discharged.
A. W. Cume, 2nd Sergeant.-----Promoted Captain. Elected 2nd Lieutenant, May 8, 1862.
J. W. Alexander, 3rd Sergeant.-----Killed at Floyd, Louisiana, by Federals.
Dr. J. Chambless, 4th Sergeant.-----Appointed Surgeon, 1861.
T. G. Walcott, 1st Corporal.-----Discharged.
Dr. J. S. Herring, 2nd Corporal.-----Discharged.
W. A. Page, 3rd Corporal.-----Discharged. Rejoined.
C. E. Guy, 4th Corporal.
Anthony, S. L.
Atkins, J. M.-----Discharged, 1861.
Beard, W. A. 1st Sergeant.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Beverly, J. J.-----Discharged, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Bickman, J. D.-----Killed, September 19, 1862, Iuka.
Bonner, W. F.-----Discharged.
Bowles, J. E.-----Died, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Bradley, W. C.
Briggs, H. D.-----Appointed 1st Sergeant, 1862.
Bruton, B.-----Discharged. Killed at Floyd, Louisiana.
Bullard, T.-----Discharged.
Byrd, H.
Byrd, J.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Bums, W., Corporal.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Cathron, J.
Crawford, F. A.
Canady, W. J.
Collins, G.-----Discharged. Killed by Federals.
Collinsky, P.-----Discharged.
Corbin, W. P.-----Killed, March 7, I 862, Elk Horn, Arkansas.
Corbin, J. J.-----Discharged. Afterward Lieutenant.
Davis, J.
Dawson, M. H.
De France, A.
Dempsey, _____.-----Died.
Dorsey, W.-----Died at Hospital, Quitman, Louisiana.
Drake, J. B.-----Discharged.
Eddins, L. S.
Ewing, A. G. Captain and A. C. S., 3rd Louisiana Cavalry.
Fitch, W. P.-----Discharged.
Fitch, N. F.-----Discharged.
Green, W.
Gardner, T. B.
Guy, C. E.
Hedrick, J. E. C.-----Discharged.
Hedrick, P. P.
Hedrick, W. A.
Hargrove, W. J.
Hargrove, J. F.-----Wounded, Vicksburg.
Hash, B. F.-----Died.
Holbrook, _____.----- Discharged.
Holden, J. J.-----Discharged.
Horton, W. C.-----Killed.
Horton, H. T.
HoHand, J. B.
Howard, J.-----Discharged, July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Humphreys, J. H.
Insley, T.
Irwin, E.
Irwin, J. J.
James, S.-----Died, June, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Jeeter, C. S.-----Killed accidentally, 1863, Snyder's Bluff.
Jones, M. A. J.-----Discharged.
Keegan, Geo.
Kelly, J.-----Discharged, wounded.
Keeff, M.-----Discharged, 1862.
Knight, B.-----Died, 1862, Tupelo, Mississippi.
Landfair, J. L.
Leggett, E. H.
Mangum, W. S.-----Discharged.
Martin, J. A.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Martin, T. D.
Murphy, M.
McCarty, F. B.
McCowen, J.-----Wounded, V\cksburg.
McDonald, J.-----Killed, September I9, 1862, luka.
McDonald, R.
McGrew, S. J.-----Killed at Floyd, Louisiana, by Federals.
NcNiel, J.-----Elected 1st Lieutenant.
McFadden, E.
Morrison, J.
Morehead, N.
Nash, J. R.-----Appointed 2nd Sergeant.
Nolan, W. P.-----Discharged.
Only,J. T.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Perry, J. E.-----Killed March 7, 1862. Elk Horn.
Perry,J. R.
Pope, W. P.-----Discharged.
Richardson, W. W.-----Discharged.
Richardson, L., Dr.-----Discharged.
Ravan, J.-----Discharged.
Ray, J. E. -----Discharged.
Reese, J. C.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Reese, S. L.
Rollins, J.-----Discharged.
Rollins, R.-----Discharged.
Roland, J. F.
Scott, R. C.-----Transferred to McCulloch's escort, 1861.
Scott, H. L.
Sharplin, W. P.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Smith, J. M.
Sherdan, B. F.-----Discharged.
Sherdan, J. M.-----Discharged.
Singleton, S. S.-----Killed, March 7, 1862, Elk Horn.
Sims, L. P.
Smithe,J. M.-----Killed, March 7, 1869, Elk Horn.
Smithe, N. B.-----Discharged.
Spurlock, J. L.-----Discharged.
Stuart, J. M.-----Elected 2nd Lieutenant, May 8, 1862. Wounded at Vicksburg.
Tornlin, M. H.-----Killed on "Big Black," Mississippi.
Tompkins, J. B.
Wade, S.
Weatherly, W. W.-----Died.
Whadey, J. W.
Wilson, D.-----Discharged.
Veale, J.-----Killed, Vicksburg.
Young, S.-----Discharged.
Young, James.-----Died, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Young, John.

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