3d Infantry Regiment

Company K
Pelican Rifles

Tunnard, W. F., Captain.-----Elected Major May, 1861; taken prisoner at Elk Horn.
J. P. Viglini, 1st Lieutenant.-----Elected Captain May, 1861.
J. B. Irwin, 2nd Lieutenant.-----Elected 1st Lieutenant May, 1862. Killed at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Watson, W., 1st Sergeant.-----Discharged, Conscript Act, July 19, 1862.
Waddell, G. D., 2nd Sergeant.-----Appointed Hospital Steward.
Tunnard, W. H., 3rd Sergeant.-----Appointed A. C. S. Sergeant, May, 1862.
Hurley, C., 4th Sergeant.-----Elected 1st Sergeant, May, 1862.
Bogel, J. C., 1st Corporal.
Gentles, H. H., 2nd Corporal.-----Elected Junior 2nd Lieutenant, October 12, 1861; Captain, May 8th, 1862; wounded and taken prisoner at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Brunat, F. R., 3d Corporal.-----Elected Junior 2nd Lieutenant, May, 1861. Died, March, 1862.
Lewis, D., 4th Corporal.-----3rd Sergeant, May, 1862.
Patterson, R., Musician.-----Drum-major, by appointment, May 15, 1862.
Hersch, H. Musician.-----Transferred from Co. A, July 1, 1862. Killed at Iuka.
Cambell, D., Musician.-----Discharged October, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Aldrich, M. C., Private.-----A. C. S. Department, detached.
Allen,J. B., Private.-----Died July 15, 1861, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Alexander, S., Private.
Alexander, A., Private.-----Discharged October, 1861, disability.
Addison, J. A., Private.
Bovard, J. A., Private.
Bovard, W. T., Private.
Booth, A. B., Private.
Benton, L. J., Private.-----Killed June 9, 1863, Vicksburg.
Benton, E. J., Private.-----Wounded and died June 30, 1863, Vicksburg.
Burrows, P. Private.
Brandenstein, M., Private.-----2nd Corporal; killed May 22, 1863.
Boullion, J. R., Private.-----Died February 9, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Boullion, J. J., Private.-----Discharged August 26, 1862, disability.
Barratt, J. E., Private.
Bell, A. J., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Burrows, A. P., Private.
Bills,J. T., Private.-----Discharged October, 1861, disability.
Bills, H., Private.-----Elected 4th Sergeant May, 1861.
BeHow, E.J., Private.-----Discharged January 1862, disability. Rejoined.
Caffreay,J., Private.-----Wounded and taken prisoner at Iuka, Sept. 19, 1862.
Crasson, J. P., Private.-----Discharged, disability.
Contini, F., Private.
Chambers, J. F., Private.-----Wounded at Vicksburg.
Cain, W. P., Private.-----Killed, Elk Horn, March 7, 1862.
Chambers, H. H., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Cameron, A. F., Private.-----Discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Cameron, A. W., Private.
Curran, M., Private.-----Wounded at Oak Hills, August 10O, 1861, and discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas.
Crane, Jas., Private.-----Discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Duffy, A. V., Private.-----Killed May 22, 1863, Vicksburg.
Dalsheimer, A., Private.-----Taken prisoner, Corinth, May 4, 1862.
Duggan, T., Private.
Denham, R. T., Private.-----Killed September 19, 1862, Iuka, Mississippi.
Elter, A., Private.-----Taken prisoner May 17, 1863, Snyder's Bluff.
Edmonston, W. L., Private.-----Taken prisoner and wounded October 4, 1862, Corinth. Wounded at Vicksburg, 1863.
Echols, D., Private.-----4th Corporal. Taken prisoner March 7, 1862, Elk Horn, and May 19, 1862, Iuka. Wounded and died July 7th, 1863, Vicksburg.
Erwin, W., Private.-----Wounded March 7, 1862, Elk Horn, and discharged April 27, 1862.
Funke, F., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Fraenkel, F., Private.-----Discharged May, 1861, disability.
Finlay, H., Private.-----Went to England after siege of Vicksburg.
Gay, D. B., Private.-----Transferred to Point Coupee, October, 1862.
Hueston,J., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Hickman, B. F., Private.-----Wounded October 4, 1862, Corinth and Vicksburg. Died July 3, 1863.
Hughes, J. C., Private.-----Discharged April 27, 1862.
Heroman, F. M., Private.-----Discharged July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Hock, J., Private.-----Taken prisoner September 19, 1862, Iuka. Went to Germany.
Hall, C., Private.-----Wounded August lo, 1861, Oak Hills. Discharged September, 1861, Camp Jackson.
Hernandez, H., Private.-----Died September 5, 1861, Mount Vernon, Missouri.
Hemandez, L., Private.-----Discharged May, 1861, New Orleans.
Hardy, J. H., Private.-----Discharged August 20, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Hackett, A., Private.
Henderson, R. L., Private.-----Discharged April 7, 186,, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Captain 8th Louisiana, Battalion. Heavy Artillery.
Hyatt, J., Private.-----Left Company December, 1862.
Jolly, E., Private. 2nd Sergeant.
Jones, Chas., Private.-----Discharged, May, 1861, New Orleans.
Knox, N. L., Private.-----Wounded August 10, 1861, Oak Hills, and died September 15, 1861, Mt. Vernon, Missouri.
Loyd, E. A., Private.
McGuinness, W., Private.
McFarland, W., Private.
McCabe, R. J., Private.
Monget, W., Private.-----Wounded, Oak Hills, August 10, 1861. Discharged, September, 1861.
Nelson,J. M., Private.-----Detached September 16, 1862, A. Q. M. Department.
Perry, J. G., Private.
Pino, A., Private.
Payne, A. B., Private.-----Elected 2nd Junior Lieutenant, May 8, 1862.
Powers, J., Private.-----Discharged January 1, 1863, disability.
Roysdon, A. W. Private.-----Transferred to 25th Louisiana Infantry, 1865.
Robinson, G. L., Private.
Russ, S. P., Private.-----1st Corporal. Wounded at Oak Hills and Vicksburg.
Robertson, J. H., Private.-----Wounded at Corinth October 4, 1863, and taken prisoner.
Roddy, J., Private.-----3rd Corporal. Wounded and taken prisoner September 19, 1862, Iuka.
Reams, D. B., Private.
Russ, V. C., Private.-----Discharged, July 19, 1862, Conscript Act.
Smith, Jed., Private.-----Discharged, January, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Sparks, J. H., Private.-----Discharged, October, 1862, disability.
Stephens, J. G., Private.
Sanchez,J., Private.-----Discharged, September, 1861, Camp Jackson, Arkansas., disability.
Tunnard, F. D., Private.-----1st Sergeant. Elected 2nd Junior Lieutenant, May, 1861, New Orleans. Resigned and resumed to Regiment 1862. Wounded at Iuka.
Thomas, H., Private.
Taqueno, F., Private.-----Wounded and taken prisoner, October 4th, 1862, Corinth.
Walters, T. R., Private.-----Wounded August 10, 1861, Oak Hi11s. Discharged, September, 1861.
Williams, J. D., Private.-----Elected 2nd Lieutenant, May 8th, 1862. Wounded October 4th, 1862, Corinth.
Watson, W. W., Private.-----Discharged, January, 1862, Fayetteville, Arkansas., disability.
Williams, J., Private. Wounded August 10, 1861, Oak Hills, and discharged, September, 1861, Camp Jackson.

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