4th Infantry Regiment



Field & Staff-NCO Staff-Band

Mustered into Confederate Service at Camp Moore, Tangipahoa, LA on May 25th, 1861


Company A - National Guards - East Baton Rouge Parish

Company B - Lake Providence Cadets - Carroll Parish

Company C - Delta Rifles - West Baton Rouge Parish

Company D - West Baton Rouge Tirailleurs - West Baton Rouge Parish

Company E - West Feliciana Rifles - West Feliciana Parish

Company F - St. Helena Rifles - St. Helena Parish

Company G - Wingfield Rifles - St. Helena Parish

Company H - Lafourche Guards - Lafourche Parish

Company I - Hunter Rifles "B"- East Feliciana Parish

Company K - Hunter Rifles "A" - East Feliciana Parish

Note that the information reflected on this roster is of recruitment in 1861.  This regiment saw changes in which Co. G left to join the 9th Battalion, Louisiana Partisan Rangers and all other companies were relettered.  Also, an additional company, The Packwood Guards (Co. K) was added in May 1862

Joseph Barbiere--Colonel  (Not sure if Joseph is a Colonel or not.  His headstone states he was a colonel, but the roster for the 11th Infantry Regiment, Company L, states he was a private.  Not sure if this is the same person.  Need more information.)

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Reference:  Muster Rolls of the Fourth Louisiana Regiment of Volunteers, Confederate States of America", by John Smith Kendall, Louisiana Historical Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 2, April, 1947, pp. 1-44