Standefer's Company

Stanford's Battery was organized during the fall of 1861 and soon moved to Tennessee. After fighting at Shiloh, the unit was involved in the Kentucky Campaign, then joined the Army of Tennessee. It was assigned to M. Smith's and Eldridge's Battalion of Artillery, fought with the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, and was part of Hood's operations in Tennessee. The battery lost 4 killed and 13 wounded of the 131 engaged at Shiloh and sustained 3 casualties at Perryville, 10 at Murfreesboro, and 4 at Chickamauga. In December, 1863, it totaled 93 officers and men, and in April, 1864, there were 72 present for duty. However, the company was captured in the Battle of Nashville. Captain Thomas J. Sanford was in command.


First Name Last Name Rank_In Rank_Out
V. Beeson
A. F. Cockrell
J. R. Cook Corporal Corporal
J. R. Cook
L. T. Cook
W. P. Daves
J.N. Delashmut
H. P. Ellis
L. A. Fitzpatrick
J. F. Frasier
A. J. Gregory Corporal Corporal
William Hamilton
A. Hancock
D. W. Hardin
W. J. Harrill Corporal Corporal
J. T. Harrison
F. Harriss
H. H. Harriss
J. V. Harriss
N. Hawkins
J.A. Hobson
J.E. Hobson
R.G. Hobson
W.D. Inman
T.L. Irby Sergeant Sergeant
L. Isbell
T.G. Johnson
J. Laughlin
Champ C.M. Marable
D.T. Marion
James Marion
J.D. Martin
L. Moore
L. C. Moore Sergeant Sergeant
J. B. Paden
Thomas Park
J. Potts
Joseph Reeder First Sergeant First Sergeant
J.B. Rockett First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
George Rutherford
W. S. Savely
J.E. Small Sergeant Sergeant
J.I. Standefer Captain Captain
T.J. Steen
Thomas Stockstell
John J. Thompson
G.W. Vaughan
T.A. Vestal Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
S.J. Welden Corporal Corporal
Daniel Williams
W.H. Willson Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
A.M. Youngblood

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