10th Infantry Regiment










Company A - Mississippi Rifles (Hinds County)
Company B - Ben Bullard Rifles (Itawamba County)
Company C - Port Gibson Riflemen, aka Port Gibson Rifles (Claiborne County)
Company D - Lowndes Southrons (Lowndes County)
Company E - Southern Avengers (Lowndes County)
Company F - Hill City Cadets (Warren County)
Company G - Rankin Rifles (Rankin County)
Company H - Bahala Rifles (Copiah County)
Company I - Madison Rifles (Madison County)
Company K - Yazoo Minute Rifles (Yazoo County)

10th Infantry Regiment completed its organization in April, 1861, at Jackson, Mississippi. Its members were recruited in the counties of Adams, Claiborne, Lowndes, Itawamba, Warren, Marshall, Madison, and Yazoo. After serving in Florida and fighting at Shiloh, it saw action in Kentucky. Later the unit was assigned to General J.P. Anderson's, Tucker's, and Sharp's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. It took an active part in the campaigns of the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, was with Hood in Tennessee, and ended the war in North Carolina. This regiment took 360 men to Shiloh and lost 13 killed and 95 wounded at Munfordville and 8 killed, 70 wounded, and 6 missing at Murfreesboro. For a time it was consolidated with the 44th Regiment and in December, 1863, totalled 476 men and 308 arms. Few surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels James Barr, Jr., Seaborne M. Phillips, Robert A. Smith, and James M. Walker; Lieutenant Colonels J.G. Bullard, Joseph R. Davis, and George B. Myers; and Majors James M. Dotson and Edward H. Gregory.

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