4th Infantry Regiment










4th Infantry Regiment was organized at Grenada, Mississippi in April, 1861. Many of its members were recruited in Attala, Grenada, Lafayette, and Carroll counties. It moved to Tennessee where a detachment was captured at Fort Henry and the regiment at Fort Donelson. After being exchanged, the unit was assigned to S.D. Lee's and Baldwin's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. It participated in the conflicts at Chickasaw Bayou, Port Gibson, and Big Black River Bridge, then was captured at Vicksburg. Again exchanged, it was attached to General Baldwin's and Sears' Brigade and fought with the Army of Tennessee from Cassville to Nashville. Later it shared in the defense of Mobile. This regiment was organized with 787 officers and men and totaled 279 in October, 1862. It reported 4 casualties at Chickasaw Bayou, 47 at Kenesaw Mountain, 29 at the Chattahoochee River , and 26 at Atlanta. Few surrendered in May, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Thomas N. Adaire, Joseph Drake, and Pierre S. Layton; Lieutenant Colonel Joseph J. Gee, and Major Thomas P. Nelson.

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