4th Regiment Infantry (State Troops)

Crute's compendium contains no history for this unit


First Name Last Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
Thos. Adams A Private
W. N. Adams D
S. B. Allen G Private
W.R. Ashmore
E. Baker
Elijah Baker G Private
J.M. Barber L Private
E. C. Bausland Sergeant Major
W. C. Beard C Private
George Beasley G Private
V. O. Best A
A. Bigham
Jesse Birdsong L Private
W. H. H. Bonds F Private
George P. Boon F&S Quartermaster Quartermaster
Henry Brangan
Henry Branyan
W. Brock L Private
W. C. Bromley F&S Colonel Colonel
J. L. Broom F Corporal
Nelson Brown L Private
W. W. Brown A Sergeant
W. R. Bruce F Private
A.S. Burks F Private
J. B. Butler I
W. E. Butler A Private
Thomas Campbell
E. Cantwell
A. P. Carriker
R.R. Christian
W. L. Clayton F&S Commissary of Subsistence Commissary of Subsistence
W. D. Clifton
Robt. Cochran
J. T. Collins G Private
J.A. Cooper A Private
J.T. Covey E Corporal
W.A. Crouch L Private
R. Cuningham F Private
Wm. Dagan A Private
W.H. Dow A Sergeant
W. Drummond G Private
P.M. Dubois C Private
Jas. Durham A Private
M. W. Edwards E Private
Jas. Ellison G Private
S.F. Fay I First Sergeant
J. S. Ford A Corporal
H. Freeman G Private
T. Frierson I Corporal
E. L. Gallaher L Private
W. Z. Galligle
H. Galoway F Private
A. W. Gardiner
D. Gardner
J. B. Gardner F Private
J. C. Gardner E Sergeant
W.J. Gilmore L Corporal
Leroy Gordan F Private
J.T. Gory G Private
Jno. T. Gory
Jno. Gray A Corporal
J. G. Green F Private
Wm. Green
Littleberry Gresham G Private
J. B. Griffin L Private
Thos. H. Griffin F Fourth Sergeant
B. S. Grizzell F Private
T. H. Grubbs C Private
Josiah Hall F Private
R. T. Hall C
R. Y. Hall C Corporal
E. L. Hankins Captain
J. H. Harden G Private
James H. Hardin G Private Private
C. C. Hargrove G Private
M. E. Harkins
T. L. Harris
J.M. Henderson D Carpenter
A. Hewit L Sergeant
J.M. Higginbotham L Private
Allen Hodge A Private
Asa Holiman B Private
J.W. Holland A Sergeant
T.E. Holmes A Private
A. Hood
H. Horn
N. Horn
C.B. Horton
F. Howard
M. Hutchins C
Jacob Lederer F Private
W.S. Logan L Sergeant
A.J. Magee
J.C. Mason A Private
W.H. McEwin A Private
R.G. McGill E
C.C. McNiece B Drummer
Wm. B. McShan
James Miller L Sergeant
Jno. Miller A Private
James Moore L Private
E. W. Morgan C Private
Wm. Moyers L Private
W. C. Nichols K Private
Wm. A. Nunn A
Jesse Odum L Private
J. W. Parsons
N. Pate A Private
G. R. Payne
N. B. Peques
A. Perry
J. Perry
F. Phelps F Private
D. P. Pitts G Private
H. L. Porter E Sergeant
E.R. Rail E Private
Jno. Rhew L Private
J.C.N. Rhodes A Sergeant
E.H. Riall E Private
C.H. Robison A Private
Jne.R. Sandlin E Private
S. N. Seaton C Private
Mark Shempert K Private
Jas. W. Staaunier C Private
B.T. Steward A Private
R.S. Stewart Assistant Surgeon
John Swain F Private
B.O. Tallant F Private
R.P. Thompson F Corporal
M. Towles C
J.H. Waldrip A Private
D.A. Watson I First Sergeant
John Weatherall F&S Adjutant Adjutant
D.R. White A Private
S.H. White F Sergeant
H.F. Whitesides I
Thos. Wilkerson L Private
W.T. Wise E Private
Jacob Wolf A Private
J.L. Wooten F&S Surgeon Surgeon
John Young K
T. Young I Corporal

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