5th Infantry Regiment










Ira Marion Nash--Co. B
John Adam Smith--Co. C

Company A -- Red Rovers (raised in Monroe County, MS)
Company B -- Bogue Chitto Rangers (raised in Neshoba County, MS)
Company C -- Lauderdale Springs Greys (raised in Lauderdale County, MS)
Company D -- New Prospect Greys (raised in Winston County, MS)
Company E -- Pettus Rebels (raised in Winston County, MS)
Company F -- Winston Rifles (raised in Winston County, MS)
Company G -- Barry Guards (raised in Chickasaw & Choctaw Counties, MS)
Company H -- Noxubee Blues (raised in Noxubee County, MS)
Company I -- Kemper Rebels, aka Kemper Guards (raised in Kemper County, MS)
Company K -- Scotland Guards (raised in Neshoba County, MS)

5th Infantry Regiment, organized in the spring of 1861, contained men from Pike, Amite, Lauderdale, Winston, Noxubee, and Kemper counties. After serving in Florida it took an active part in the fight at Shiloh under General Chalmers. Later it was assigned to J.K. Jackson's, Gist's, and Lowry's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The 5th was involved in the campaigns of the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, endured Hood's winter campaign in Tennessee, and fought in North Carolina. It lost forty-seven percent of the 170 engaged at Murfreesboro and thirty-three percent of the 225 at Chickamauga. In December, 1863, the unit totaled 395 men and 283 arms. At the Battle of Atlanta there were 11 killed, 44 wounded, and 11 missing. Only a remnant surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels John R. Dickins, Albert E. Fant, and John Weir; Lieutenant Colonels Samuel F.M. Faucett, John B. Herring, A.T. Stennis, and W.L. Sykes; and Major James R. Moore.

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