Gorham's-Tilden's-Lesueur's Battery

Gorham's-Tilden's-Lesueur's Battery [also called 3rd Battery] was formed in 1862 with men from Laclede and Audrain Counties. The unit was assigned to Parson's and S. P. Burns' Brigade, then W. D. Blocher's Battalion of Artillery, Trans-Mississippi Department. It was active at Cane Hill, lost 1 killed, 8 wounded, and 3 missing at Helena, and sustained no casualties at Jenkins' Ferry. This company totaled 43 men in May, 1862, and there were 82 fit for duty in July, 1863. Towards the end of the war it was stationed at Camden, Arkansas, and surrendered in June, 18 65. Captains James Gorham, A. A. Tilden, and Charles B. Lesueur were in command.

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