Landis' Battery

Landis' Battery was formed early in 1862, moved east of the Mississippi River, and in May totaled 62 men. After being involved in the engagements at luka and Corinth, it was assigned to Bowen's command, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. The unit served throughout the difficult Vicksburg siege and was captured on July 4, 1863. It sustained 10 casualties at Corinth and at Vicksburg had 4 killed and 6 wounded. After the exchange it was not reorganized. Captain John C. Landis was in command.

Allen Alfred Marent Charles
Anderson Fred M. Maxwell James H.
Anderson Henry M. McCloud James
Ball John T. McGehee Asa
Ball Alexander G. Millan George E.
Bent George Mitchell Jacob
Blake William H. Montgomery J.M.
Boon Thomas A. Moody Joseph
Boulware George T. Moore Joseph
Bradley William Morgan Thomas
Brady Thomas Murphy Lewis
Branham Paul  Sgt. Neil Thomas J.
Brosheer George M.  Sgt. Nelson Jacob
Brown R.J. Nolan Westley L.
Burgess Thomas G. Noonan Daniel F.
Capott George Oliver George
Cathman C.H.  Music. Owens Robert C.
Cawley Jeremiah Perks William
Childs William W.  Cpl. Perry Oliver H.
Clawson Henry C. Phelps Robert M.
Cochran Charles Quinn Patrick  Sgt.
Coleman Aaron Reahard David G.
Craddock James M. Richardson William H.
Crumpacker J.P. Robbins Edward C.  1st Sgt.
Davidson John Roberts George M.
Dean Alexander J. Roberts John
Dice John Robinson Samuel
Dolan Peter Robinson William M.
Dove Thomas A. Satterwhite John
Drowns William Scrimsher John J.
Dunlap Samuel B. Scully James
Dunlap Caldwell Sheffield William
Ellis P.H. Singleton Samuel
Fagan John Sites C.B.
Farley Thomas Smith George
Fielder Charles Smith William R.
Flynn Michael Smith Ferdinand  Sgt.
Garlichs Fred Smith Fred H.  Sgt.
Gooding John Son Elliot
Govro Donnor Sosey J.A.
Hall Arch P.  Sgt. Starling Griffin
Hance Henry W.  Sgt. Sterling Griffin
Harris Aaron  2nd Lt. Stevens John
Harrison George M.  Cpl. Stevenson Benjamin
Headrick John Stewart Charles A.
Heimer Richard  Music. Stewart James T.
Henley Washington Stokesberry Howard
Hennebergh John C.  Sgt. Stoy Robert
Hewitt Francis L. Sweat John
Hillix Hamilton Thompson S.G.W.
Hinderer C.A. Thompson John J.
Holmes Marcus M. Tonery Martin
Humphrey Lucas Tonery Barton
Hunter James M. Travis John T.
Hunter Robert Trothschild Joseph
Jackson Joseph Turner John I.
Jackson James Tyler John J.
Jenkins H.B.H. Victory John E.
Jones W.D. Vinson John
Jones John  Cpl. Wathen Thomas A.
Karms G. Welch Robert D.
Keith Richard R. Weller William H.  1st Lt.
Kennard Samuel M.  Cpl. Williams William
Landis John C.  Capt. Wilson William
Langan John M.  1st Lt. Wilson Hunt P.  Ch.Bugler
Lear Landy Wilson Singleton  Cpl.
Lear Zack G.  Cpl. Winter Francis E.
Lighter John  Cpl. Wright Thomas
Longbottom H.S. Yarbrough William
Loving Jesse P. Young Herald

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