1st (Elliott's) Cavalry Battalion

(aka: 9th Cavalry Regiment)

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1st (Elliott's) Cavalry Battalion was organized during the summer of 1862. Its members had seen prior service in the 2nd Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard. The unit was assigned to General Shelby's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department and was part of Marmaduke's Expedition into Missouri. It then skirmished in various conflicts in Arkansas, including the engagements at Helena and Marks' Mills. Later it recruited more men and in September, 1864 was known as Elliott's 1st Cavalry Regiment. The command went on to participate in Price's Missouri Expedition where it reported 7 killed and 18 wounded. During the spring of 1865 it disbanded. The field officers were Colonel Benjamin Elliott, and Lieutenant Colonels Washington McDaniels and Thomas H. Walton.

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