2nd Cavalry Regiment
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2nd Cavalry Regiment was organized at Springfield, Missouri, during the late fall of 1861 as a battalion. It crossed the Mississippi River with about 600 men and reached full strength at Memphis, Tennessee, early in 1862. Some of the men were recruited in Cooper, Jackson, and Henry counties. The unit fought at luka, skirmished in Mississippi, and in October, 1863 totaled about 250 effectives. Assigned to Chalmers' and R. McCulloch's Brigade, it continued the fight in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. Many were captured at Selma and few surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. The field officers were Colonel Robert McCulloch, Lieutenant Colonels Samuel M. Hyams and Robert A. McCulloch, and Majors William M. Couzens and John J. Smith.

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