3rd Cavalry Battalion

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3rd Cavalry Battalion was formed early in 1862 with about 400 officers and men. Ordered east of the Mississippi River, the unit was dismounted. It took an active part in the conflicts at Luka and Corinth, then was assigned to General Buford's Brigade in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. The battalion was involved in the Vicksburg operations and in November, 1863 consolidated with the 1st Missouri Cavalry Regiment. Assigned to General Cockrell's Brigade, it fought in the Atlanta Campaign and in Tennessee with Hood. Later it shared in the defense of Mobile. This unit lost more than twenty-five percent of the 388 engaged at luka and sustained 100 casualties at Corinth. During the Atlanta Campaign, May 18 to September 5, the 1st/3rd Battalion reported 25 killed, 80 wounded, and 3 missing, and there were 56 disabled at Allatoona. Few surrendered in May, 1865. Its commanders were Lieutenant Colonels L. C. Campbell and D. Todd Samuel, and Major Thomas J. McQuiddy.

A second 3rd Battalion Missouri Cavalry was formed west of the Mississippi river in mid 1863. It was known to have served in Marmaduke's Cavalry division and saw action at the Battle of Helena, Ark. on July 4, 1863. It is possible that some of the names in this second unit may have gotten mixed with the first. It may be necessary to obtain the soldier's individual military record in order to determine which unit he was assigned.

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