MacDonald's Cavalry Regiment

MacDonald's Cavalry Regiment was assembled during the early summer of 1862 and served in the Trans-Mississippi Department. It fought at Cane Hill and Prairie Grove, then took part in Marmaduke's Expedition into Missouri. This unit lost 3 killed, 2 wounded, and 3 missing out of the 202 engaged at Prairie Grove and sustained 46 casualties with Marmaduke. Later its companies were reduced and became Young's 11th Missouri Cavalry Battalion. The field officers were Colonel Emmett MacDonald, Lieutenant Colonel Merrit L. Young, and Major W. C. Bennett.

Allen Edward  La Rose Isual
 Anderson Clarence S.  Ord.Sgt.  La Rose John B.
 Ashworth Henry  La Rose Augustus
 Ashworth William  Labrier Xavier
 Benjamin William  Ladd John A.  Sgt.
 Birchit John W.  Lambert Henry C.
 Blankenship Andrew J.  Leach Edly
 Brannon Edward  Sgt.  Lybecker Louis  QMSgt.
 Brazean Joseph D.  2nd Lt.  Martin Charles
 Calvert Thomas C.  Sgt.  Mason John
 Campbell Sam  McDonald Robert  Capt.
 Childress James M.  McWarter John
 Chism James  Meghan Michael
 Clarke William  Minton Smith
 Cunningham Richard  Minton Stephen
 Davidson John  Moore John  Cpl.
 Davis Jeff  Norman Ely
 Dennis Lawrence  Norman Elijah M.
 Dowdy Josiah  Parke Merril  Bvt.2nd Lt.
 Dowdy Charles  Paul Charles D.  Cpl.
 Dowdy Chiles  Pipkin William  Sgt.
 Dowdy James T.  Rainey David J.
 Eavens David E.  Reeves Henry
 Fields Calvin  Riddle John R.
 Fields William F.  Robbins John
 Ford Green B.  Cpl.  Robbins William
 Galvin John C.  Sr.1st Lt.  Saddler Wesley
 Girard Louis  Saunders John
 Govero Donar  Singleton James H.
 Guep Joseph  Smith Henry  Cpl.
 Gullet James  Snider John
 Hale Jerome  Staton Thomas J.
 Hall John  Thomure Lewis
 Haymes Charles  Thomure Felix
 Haynes Archabold W.  Treadaway John W.
 Holloman Allen A.  Cpl.  Tyson Neal
 Holmes Robert B.  Jr.1st Lt.  Wagoner William C.
 Howard William  Cpl.  Watson Abraham
 Howell Joseph  Watson Berry
 Howell W.B.  Sgt.  West Charles B.  Sgt.
 King Henry  Sgt.  Wilson Samuel M.  Cpl.
 Knight Jeremiah  Winston Joseph
 Knight John H.  Wise John

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